May 28

How to Get Out of Your Own Way and Build the Business You Really Want to Build


Success in business often means that you need to get out of your own way.

Look, I get it...

You're passionate about your business and this means you want everything to be perfect. This tends to mean that you're working on a bit of everything. You're trying to do it all... and that's wearing you down.

Successful business owners are those who focus on the BIG PICTURE.

They see the value of investing in others.

They know when to let go.

The video below shares my suggestion for getting out of the way of your business's success.

Video Transcript

Hey guys, so I've had a few conversations with some of you over the past couple of weeks. And one of the first things I really asked you guys, if you're struggling to grow the businesses, what are all the things that you are currently doing?

What are the roles and responsibilities you've given yourself. And so if we make a list, you might have some of you 2030 different jobs, from bookkeeping to invoicing to being your chief marketer, copywriter, landing page creator, funnel creator, content creator, editor, etc, and so on. And it goes, it really goes on and on and on.

And I can tell you, without a doubt that if you're playing that game, you are limiting yourself in a significant way.

Because if we look at that list, I could say one of these things, let's say these 30 different things that you are doing, are you the most suited for. And you'll look at it and you might pick out five, you might pick out, you know, 10, maybe that really you should be responsible for and the rest is just arbitrary shit that you've taken onto your plate because you don't want to hire someone else to do it because you think it's too expensive.

So I get that I've been there, you know, I'm most people are not ready to hire a full time employee for a long time. But it shocks me when I talk to you guys, and you're not aware of what sort of outsourcing options you have, in order to do those things more cost effectively.

That's why today, in this video, I want to show you a couple of different outsourcing tools that some of you probably know about, I hope, but some of you may not.

And if you can take advantage of these to get some of those painful, horrible tasks that you're either doing and shouldn't be doing, or things that you should be doing and are avoiding, because you're not the right person for you can take these two and implement them right away and start moving the needle in your business. And I'll give you an example.  

Okay, so first and foremost, we're going to talk today about Upwork, and Fiverr.

These are really, really cheap places to find wonderful people if you know how to vet and pay attention. So I'll tell you exactly how we do it.

Using Fiverr for Outsourcing 

First is Fiverr. 

Now the whole concept of Fiverr is to have a bunch of talented people come on and offer their services, what they do really well, starting in $5. So if you are struggling with Facebook ads, because you don't have the ability to do the graphic design or the creative, you can get it done on Fiverr for $5 $15 $20 $50.

Whatever, right?

Which is way, way more valuable than learning how to do it yourself in doing a bad job. Right? You can find that person if you're writing a book, and you are going to be the one editing and proofreading your own stuff. huge mistake, huge waste of time, go on Fiverr find somebody that would do it for nothing. 

I used to pay a guy to transcribe everything that I did. And I paid him like three cents a word. That was amazing, right? Because it's something that I didn't want to do, then all these AI tools came out and obviously I no longer needed that gig. Well, the nice thing was it was a gig so I didn't have to fire an employee I didn't have to deal with moving somebody on, I only brought him in when I needed those projects done.

Amazing, right Fiverr allowed us to get graphic design and branding done for the first pass of a lot of our stuff. Fiverr allowed us to find people that could build Facebook audiences. Fiverr allowed us to go find people that could edit a book or edit a long form article Fiverr allowed us to go find people that can do basic SEO Fiverr is a fantastic way for you to move quite a few things off of your plate in a way that's extremely cost effective.

That's Fiverr. That's what Fiverr is for. Go to Fiverr search for whatever the hell is something that you're avoiding or something that's plaguing you. And I guarantee you, you can find somebody there with literally 1000s of five star reviews. And you can employ that person on a gig basis or a project basis and suddenly solve your problem.

Using Upwork for Outsourcing 

Now Upwork on the other hand is similar to Fiverr except it's a little more upscale, right?

So on Upwork I tend to look for people that I'd want to be on the team, longer term.

A lot of you Met Floyd, a lot of you have been in the room on office hours. And you see Floyd there, you've been in the group coachings. You see Floyd there.

Even in this group, you see Floyd, Floyd and I met five years ago, because I was trying to hire an assistant on Upwork. Fantastic. He's been with me for five years. So it's a long term gig. And I didn't know it would be I didn't know if I wanted to make that commitment at the beginning. It's just, I gave myself flexibility within the budget that I had to find the best possible person to take stuff off my plate. And here we are five years later.

Now, in the meantime, I've also got staff copywriters that have been with us, you know, on and off for years, I've got people that have done research, I had somebody do an SQL database, or whatever the hell that is, I didn't even know what it is, I just knew I had to hire somebody to do this thing. And lo and behold, there was someone on there for like 15 bucks an hour.


Once it was done, we were done. Great.

That's kind of how Upwork works, you can set up a project, you can basically create a job posting, and people will start applying for it right away, you can look and see how many hours they worked, what their reviews are like, you can see how much they've actually made on the platform. And you can get a really good sense of who is the right person to be involved in your project, you might have three or four.

So you might invite three or four people, do some interviews with them. And now, boom, you have a hire to do your YouTube video editing, you have a hire that could translate your stuff into a different language. If that's a limiting thing, you could have a hire that writes all your copy. If you get a hire that could redesign the front page of your website.

All of that stuff's available on Upwork.

To an extent, it's all available on Fiverr, too, I would just look at Upwork if I was looking for a really high quality person that might stick with me for a long time. So now I'm going to give you one thing that I think is a big advantage. And these are actually I'll give you one thing, but it's really my two rules of using Upwork or Fiverr.


Most of these wonderful service providers are swinging from gig to gig, they have no stability, right? Give me giving people stability is a fantastic way to build rapport. It's a fantastic way to build confidence, a fantastic way to build a real relationship with somebody that you might want to keep.

So the first thing that I always do, always do is whatever somebody wants to be paid, I pay them 10% more.

The reason I do that is to show that I'm not looking for price competitiveness, and I'm not going to dip on them the minute I get somebody that's $2 an hour cheaper. And because I do things like that I have more loyalty and a better relationship with the people that do work with me because freelancers get screwed all the time, they get promised things by business owners who never deliver. And that's a constant disappointment, they have no stability. If you offer them not all of branch, you get people that are way, way more motivated to figure out anything they can to help you get what you want. So that's the first thing I always pay them 10% more.

Communication, Slack, and Project Success

Here's my other rule that I think is absolutely crucial.

All communication has to happen in slack.

The reason I want all communication in slack is that slack saves those messages. They're all searchable, any files that they post are searchable, indexable, etc. If someone leaves the team mid project or if a freelancer disappears, I don't want to be screwed and lose all of that progress that I've paid for. What I want is a new person to be able to come in, read through the conversation, the documentation, etc, and be able to pick up where they left off.

My teams always use slack. And the reason we force everyone to use slack is emails inefficient.

We all know that emails get lost.

We all know that sometimes we don't answer them or things get caught in the spam filter or whatever the hell that is. slack doesn't let you do that. slack is 100% searchable, it's easier to use.

You can build your community within slack as an internal team and also bring your clients your prospects, your customers, whatever that is into slack as well. To ensure that you have actual records of conversations, so that you can adapt to learn grow as a company, right.

So if you're not using Slack, if you're trying to do all of this optimization, or all of these projects and Upwork messages or Fiverr messages, you're missing a big opportunity. And you're actually exposing yourself to some pretty serious risk.

I've had freelancers disappear mid project, in without the right documentation, I'm screwed, I could be, you know, $500 $1,000 $2,000 into a big project, and need to start over if I don't have the right documentation.

So those two rules that I use for outsourcing are one, I always pay people 10% more than they asked me for. And two, everyone needs to use slack. bare minimum, do those two things when you start your outsourcing project, and you'll be infinitely more successful.

You Must Expand Your Team

Last thing I'll say on this, as all of you who want to go beyond being a solopreneur, or a side hustle purveyor, you're going to need to expand your team, you cannot get to the mountaintop, by doing everything on your own, you are not the person that needs to learn everything, you are not the person that needs to do everything. 

There are certain things that you are suited for.

In my company, the best thing I ever did was fire myself, I looked at all of the different roles and responsibilities that I had.

 And I said a 90% of these I'm not the right person for or they're not even useful anymore, right?

Sometimes we do things that don't even serve us. And when I did that, I was able to identify the stuff that I hated the stuff that I just wasn't good at. And the stuff that was unnecessary, and I could start bringing people in, you guys have seen Murray, you've seen Christina, you've seen all these people that have come into our universe.

It's because I fired myself.

And what happens is, when I fired myself, I had literally four or five times the open hours to sell my stuff to be a better teacher to be a better advocate or ambassador for what we do as a company.

Before that I had no time in the schedule like john could tell you a lot of people could tell you that I was working insane hours all the time. And now I all of a sudden I have so much time, I don't know what to do with myself, right.

So I opened up so much availability for the company to make four times more money, because I was willing to do significantly less. I guarantee that the money we make is going to more than offset any additional team cost.

And if you're worried about additional team cost, don't put people on hourly pay of set project rate agree that with your freelancers or your outsourced talent, and just pay the project and be done with it take as little risk as possible.

Protect yourself.

But make sure that you are not standing in your own way standing on your own throat, preventing yourself from building the business that you really want to build. I will talk to you guys this Friday.

Thanks for listening. Bye



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