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While others have paid the spine tingling price of $10,000 (or more) for this type of course curriculum workshop… you don’t have to pay me a dime.

The next page reveals how to transform your expertise into courses that attract your audience like a high powered electromagnet.

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Meet Joe DeMaria

Joe DeMaria is the creator of "Dynamic Ascension Training" which is an 80/20 teaching system that focuses on breaking down even the most complicated skill sets into simple digestible training programs.

He is one of the most sought after course creation consultants on the planet -- having worked to create dozens of Dynamic Ascension Training Programs for high-end entrepreneurs, coaches and consultants.

His company Teach To Scale also creates corporate learning and development programs to minimize training costs, recruiting costs, and ramp up time for new or transitioned employees.

Are you ready to build a more predictable, sustainable, and profitable business?

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Joe Polish

Founder of Genius Network

"[Joe DeMaria is] known as one of the top course creators on the planet and has unique talent with taking expertise and packaging it."

Alex Mandossian

Founder of MarketingOnline.com

"Joe, you're a maestro! Your ascension model for course creation has been a total breakthrough!"

Lee Richter

Founder of GoAskLee.com

"When I saw your stuff I asked the team "Why doesn't ours look like that?" Tapping into your unique genius has been so special."

Mike Salemi

Founder of MikeSalemi.io

"There's a handful of people that I've observed in business and even in personal life that I would say really inspired me. As it relates to being a teacher and then an ethical business person, [Joe] is one of the greatest models. I think one of the biggest things that I'm getting and I've got from him is how to think better, like a thought process on how to approach and where to focus on stuff that it's not just going to work right now. But stuff that is going to work 20 years from now and stuff that were 20 or 30 years before."

Ella Mae

Founder of InstaFame Academy

"Joe's really got this great strategic way of thinking. When I go to him about a problem or have a question, what I get back is so incredibly different than how I would have come up with it, that it's expanded my mind, not just business wise, but in that I could like leave my business tomorrow and go work in corporate America, I would still be a way better person for having known Joe, for seeing the level at which he shows up with his community."

Angelica Murillo

Founder of 24KaratGoals.com

"It's beautiful to be surrounded with great people like Joe who have been so fundamental to my development. TTS [TeachToScale] is not only about creating courses online, but it helps, for me, in seeing all the potential that I had in myself, learning different things that I can apply in my business, and becoming a trusted advisor."

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